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Carrie Havranek


Ultimate Veggie Burgers


It's been a while. I want to point you toward this post on my farmers' market cookbook blog. I've decided to cross-promote here. I've long been in search of the ultimate, bestest (I know that's not a word; indulge me!), doesn't-fall-apart veggie burger. With some tweaks, I think I've found it. With even more tweaks, it will be even better. Personally, I think the burger is a little too sweet, so I'm contemplating taking out the dates and adding some soy sauce in there somewhere. I think it needs more umami. If you've missed some other posts on that cookbook site, you can bookmark this one for sorrel and scape pesto (scapes are gone now!) or check out what I did last year with radishes from Salvaterra's Gardens. Ultimately, the plan is to merge my two blogs ( and into this site. And ultimately, this site will be home to all sorts of useful posts about travel, food, wellness, nutrition, yoga, spirituality, baking, cooking, restaurants, and more. I need to integrate everything I'm doing. It makes no sense to fragment the sites; it all needs to come together.

Stay tuned!