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Hello! I have not forsaken you!

Dharma Kitchen


Hello! I have not forsaken you!


It's been a while since I have posted a recipe. Or posted regularly, for that matter. That's because I've been in the process of developing this new website with the major assistance of my friend Adam Atkinson. It's going to be a more dynamic way to express myself and combine the two things I love the most these days: talking about food and talking about yoga. A bit of my old site has been migrated into this here Squarespace, which is giving me a bit of heebie jeebies. It's going to demand way better images, and photography is my weak spot. I am NOT a photographer. I am an accidental, social media-oriented photographer. BIG difference. And learning a new CMS is daunting. It's bringing up all kinds of issues of self-confidence and fear and whatthehellamIdoing? and the other one that pops up, everyoneelsecandothis, whycanti?

Oh, those nagging voices; they surface and I push them away. And then, if I'm lucky, eat a cookie. Plus, there are all kinds of design elements to figure out. I wanted to launch with something simple, but even simple things need lots of work. What would you like to see from a site that incorporates the intersection between the kitchen and yoga—and spirituality in general? Inquiring minds want to know. Drop me a line.