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Dharma Kitchen


DK Time Out: Mood Boosters

Carrie H

It's time out for some mood boosters. We're all about mindfulness here in the Dharma Kitchen. Nourishing foods and healing behaviors such as yoga and meditation provide many keys to my sanity. My new doctor just recommended I eat one brazil nut a day to supplement selenium. Maca, hemp and flaxseed are superfood boosters for smoothies; you can also add the latter two to pesto. Their nutty profile complements standard basil pesto beautifully—and amps up the nutritional profile, too. Cacao and goji berries are essential items for any raw ball repertoire. And maybe you've already read me wax rhapsodic about coconut and my late-to-party arrival with coconut love. There will be more coconut-related where that's concerned, I promise you. 

Thanks to our partners at Healthy Pearch for the fun infographic. I'd love to hear which one of these you have incorporated into your daily routine and what impact it has on your health and well being? Maybe this list has given you some ideas for your shopping list for weekend grocery runs?